Interdisciplinarity lies at the heart of Postcolonialism and here at the Centre for Postcolonial Studies we believe that collaboration and forging partnerships lies at the core of what we do. Many of the events hosted by the Centre have, by their very nature, represented a coming-together of a diverse range of scholars, activists and practitioners around particular themes or issues.

Beyond these singular events (details of which can be found in the Past Events drop down tabs), the Centre for Postcolonial Studies has also forged more lasting institutional partnerships and collaborations as a way of undertaking more sustained engagement, research, publishing and practice-based interventions into the world of postcolonial scholarship and action. Further details of these collaborations can be found in this section of the site.

The Centre is always open to suggestion for partnering on projects which are mutually beneficial to both parties and their wider publics. We are particularly keen to hear of potential partnerships in line with our present Research  Themes:

  • Thinking Global: Views form the South
  • After Europe: the Politics of Knowledge
  • Postcolonial Aesthetics:  Decentering Art, Cinema and Curatorial Practices
  • London – A Postcolonial City