About this Digital Publication

Postcolonial Politics is a platform of debate on pressing issues of our times, especially those concerning the Global South.

The ‘postcolonial’ designates an intellectual outlook based on the understanding that the world was decisively reshaped through colonial conquest and imperialist expansion. Contemporary politics and culture cannot be adequately grasped without foregrounding colonialism and the aftereffects of 1492 in shaping the Global South as well as the Global North – albeit in very different ways.

Postcolonial Politics is dedicated to exploring the manifold ways in which contemporary politics and culture continue to be shaped by this legacy, including its ongoing manifestations in the forms of neocolonialism, racism, global inequality and climate crisis.  We are particularly interested in looking at novel forms of political organisation, innovative ideas and subjectivities that question received understandings of our social order.

The editors of Postcolonial Politics are associated with the Centre for Postcolonial Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. The views expressed by our contributors do not necessarily represent those of the editors.